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Welcome to the official website of the french korean flutist Mihi Kim.


I am teaching in the academies of  COLOMBES - BORDEAUX - AKIYOSHIDAI (Japan) (한국어 정보는 여기에)

APPLICATION FORM for all events - 등록신청서 (통합)

July 15-19, 2014 : Académie Internationale de Colombes 


Colombes is situated in the near suburb of Paris - 10 minutes by train from the Paris Saint Lazare station. 
The conservatory is at 7 minutes walking distance from the Colombes train station (3rd from St Lazare, a train every 15 minutes until 1 am). 

During the Academy, every student will have one lesson per day, and student concerts will be held with individual or group performances. Also the professors will perform in a special concert. These are all free to attend.

The academy does not provide housing and meals, the participants have to find a solution by themselves. However, the academy has a very small numbers of host families and a list of hotels in the area. I personally recommend the "Hotel Terminus in Asnieres", which is very near by my home and 20 minutes from the conservatory by feet or by bus/train (1 station).

Why to come : Paris. You will have time to explore the city, and still get plenty of musical souvenirs. Usually in this period of the year the weather is fine, the academy is affordable if you can manage to get a good housing price. The conservatory is quite new, and there is a very nice and quiet ambiance.

COSTS : 385€ for the lessons and administration fees

HOTEL : between 60€/day (single) to 25€/day (4person occupancy)

July 20 - August 2nd, 2014 : Musique en Graves


Nearby Bordeaux, in the Graves area of the famous Pessac-Leognan vine, this festival is held in an ancient winery within a vast complex with swimming pool.


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During 14 days of Music Camp, every student will have one lesson per day ad principium, and housing and meals are all included. Students will be housing in single or double occupancy, and you can practice wether in your room or… in the woods ! (Don't forget your music stand) Being near the nature is just simply marvelous, and music coming from all the side, breathing the pure and sweet air of the best raisins in the world, having tasty meals, enjoying world class players and sharing the love of music with the elite of the world is one worthy argument…!

Also, Mihi is the only flute teacher in the summer session - there are a lot of string students and therefore a very exciting orchestra and chamber music experience. 




PRACTICAL : you can do a pre-inscription online here
(because of the limited numbers of single rooms, early pre-inscription is highly recommended)

FEES : for 14 days of stay

  1. Administration fees 190€
  2. Pedagogical fees 520€
  3. Housing and meals 510€

TOTAL 1220€
(less than 88€/day)  currency converter

Why to come : the length is an enormous advantage: it is just simply exceptional, you can combine vacations in the south of France with a memorable musical experience. The music festival where every professor is performing, with international guest artists as well, is free to attend for students of the academy. In 14 days of lessons, you can really make a complete check-up, prepare your international competitions, and be up-to-date with your technical skills. And all of this in a very nice housing ambience with good food, good people and healthy environment.

Arrival in Bordeaux Saint-Jean (TGV) or Bordeaux Airport Mérignac code IATA : "BOD". You can be picked up to join Château-de-Moulerens in Gradignan.

August 4-12, 2014

Akiyoshidai International Art Village : Flute Academy

Official site here, since my participation was just confirmed, I am (and will) not (be) listed.

In a gorgeous site built for a special composition of Luigi Nono, the facilities are exceptionally high quality, especially the concert hall and the acoustics of  the rehearsal (lesson) rooms. The Akiyoshidai Art Village is located in Mine shi, transit per Shin-Yamaguchi station (Shinkansen), not far from Hakata (Fukuoka). Arrival to Japan preferred through Osaka International - Kansai Airport (KIX) or Fukuoka if available (FUK).

I came here several years ago, and was very pleased by the wonderful environment - the calm, the air, the "chi" of the mountains and the forest. The meal is simple but tasty, people are lovely and there is nothing else to do but practice flute and enjoy music. The staff is amazing, my dear colleague Seo Kazunori is a great, if not one of the greatest, flute players of our generation and a very dear friend since decades. French and German are spoken, and I guess English as well, if not I may be the English-emergency-person.

Some photos will speak for themselves.

FEES : 9 day stay for Mihi Kim (arrival Aug 4, 2014 in the afternoon, and leaving after lunch Aug.12)

All-inclusive 120.000 yen (currency converter)

Transportations :

Arrival to Osaka Kansai (KIX) or Fukuoka (FUK) by airplane

Shinkansen from Fukuoka (Shin-Hakata) to Shin-Yamaguchi : 3000 yen
Shinkansen from Osaka (Shin-Osaka) : 12.000 yen

A bus transfer to Akiyoshidai Art Village is available from Shin-Yamaguchi Station (approx 1600 yen for one-way) : departure time August 4th, 3 PM (please precise at the moment of inscription)

Transfer towards Shin-Yamaguchi : departure August 12, 2 PM.

環繞在美麗的國家公園中,秋吉台藝術村曾經是為作曲家Luigi Nono的工作而建立的,這裡有絕佳的學習環境,教室與音樂聽都有出色的音響,住宿條件也相當舒適。


幾年前我曾經來過這裡,此處渾然天成的諧和令人愉悅 :自然、寧靜、清新的空氣和山裡的 « 氣 »等。伙食簡單卻美味,人們也很親切,除了沉浸在音樂中,再沒有其他事了。

這裡的教授都非常優秀,我的同事瀨尾和紀是位非常傑出的演奏家,是世界上最好的長笛家之一,也是我相識十多年的好友。在這裡我們能說德文、法文與一點英文─ 別擔心,無論如何,有我在 ! 

費用: 與金美禧教授九天 (2014八月四號下午抵達,八月十二號五餐後離開)
 全程活動含食宿120.000日幣 (currency converter貨幣轉換器)
交通 :
乘新幹線由福岡博多市至新山口市: 3000日幣
乘新幹線由大阪出發: 12000日幣
新山口市車站搭乘巴士至秋吉台藝術村(Akiyoshidai Art Village,單程約1600日幣): 8月4日下午3點發車(請於出發前再確認發車時間)
反往山口縣車站: 8月12下午2點發車